One of the stars of our drum corps movie is Jo from the Madison Scouts’ color guard. Jo received some very tough news during his rookie year with the Scouts in 2011. In our film, Jo fights to complete is age-out season in 2012.




Hey guys! as you may or may not know, there’s a documentary in the later stages of production about the Madison Scouts 2012 season called “Scouts Honor: Inside A Marching Brotherhood”. 

if you like this clip, find more information at their facebook page (give ‘em a like while you’re at it) here or the website of the movie here. maybe even give this video a reblog or a repost on another social media site to show your other friends what we’re trying to do here.

this isn’t just a movie about the Madison Scouts. the goal is to help spread the activity that we all know and love to a wider audience through a professionally shot and produced full-length documentary film. 



Here’s a deleted scene we posted on YouTube about a month ago. It will give you a pretty good feel for what the film is like. If you like what you see please reblog, share, post on other social networks and let people know not only that you are excited about this movie, but WHY you are excited about this movie. Thank you!